Classes are held in three 25-minutes sessions or two 40-minutes sessions.

Dr. Pirhani himself tests language proficiency of each and every one of language learners.

At the end of each class, teacher provides a detailed report of language learning status of every single student and this report is texted to students.

Students are not required to install additional software or applications on their laptops, smart phones, and tablets to attend classes. They can attend online classes via their laptops, smart phones, and tablets. Furthermore, transcriptions of all educational materials of each session will be uploaded in profiles of the students.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this supervision is direct attendance of Dr. Pirhani at online language courses to analyze language learning process of students in person. Furthermore, our analysis team considers the smart and precise reports provided by teachers after each class regarding language learning status of each student, and if any changes are needed in teaching methodology, this team forwards its offer to Dr.Pirhani.

Critical issues such as personal characteristics and learning style of every language learner are considered by Dr. Pirhani on the day of interview. This continuous process is followed until the end of the language course as a roadmap for progress of language learners.