Teacher’s code of conduct

  • Teachers shall strictly monitor language learning process of students.
  • Classes are not held on Iranian calendar holidays.
  • Teachers are required to attend weekly educational meetings presided by Dr.Pirhani.
  • Teachers shall continuously improve themselves.
  • Teachers need to have access to broadband internet for classes.
  • Teachers are required to upload transcription of educational materials of each class in profile of students until 11:00 PM of the class day at the latest and submit language learning status report of students on the academy’s website.
  • Teachers shall pay complete attention to curriculum and notes stated by Dr.Pirhani in terms of personal characteristics and learning styles of students.

Language learners’ code of conduct

  • Language learners agree to study at least one hour and half per day and apply predefined techniques and do exercises completely.
  • Language learners are expected to attend classes in a timely and continuous manner.
  • All classes are one-on-one.
  • Classes are not held on calendar holidays.
  • In case language learners withdraw from their language course for whatsoever reason, there will be no refund.
  • Language learners need to have access to broadband internet.
  • In case language learners fail to attend classes for more than three sessions (either consecutive or inconsecutive), they will be dropped out.
  • Language learners living abroad shall directly pay their tuitions to the academy via PayPal.